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Yoga classes explained

I am offering a variety of workshops and retreats both online and in person. See below for details. 

I love this way of working and the scope it offers for exploration and discovery.

Workshops and retreats offer the opportunity to immerse yourself more deeply in yoga. Some people come to a week-long retreat as their first experience of yoga, and this is a wonderful way to begin.

Setting aside the time for yourself to be quiet and tune into yourself is an important gift to yourself. It is not always easy to do –  but it is so valuable to nourish yourself and give yourself breathing space.

I offer a variety of workshops and retreats in Ireland and elsewhere in the world, from complete beginners to experienced teachers. I love to go into a new group and feel the possibilities there. Whether it is a morning, a day, a weekend or a week, the commitment that each individual makes simply to be there can allow for a magical process.

Group classes

Group classes

One to one

One to one

Workshops & retreats

Workshops & retreats

Workshops and retreats include:

  • Workshops on Yoga, Sound and Chant
  • Yoga for Changing Times – an evolving project for exploring how yoga can support us and change with us in our changing world  
  • Day-long workshops on specific themes, with and without sound
  • Co-creative interdisciplinary programmes  
  • Residential weekend retreats, often in collaboration with friends and colleagues  
  • Workshops and retreats for teachers and more experienced students on specific aspects of practice – especially on embodying the philosophy of yoga and/or work with sound
  • Weekend and week-long retreat holidays at the Burren Yoga Centre, Co. Clare  
  • Modules for training programmes

All workshops and retreats are now online. The Zoom platform has fantastic potential for fostering a group dynamic and working creatively in different ways.

See Projects and Events for details of forthcoming programmes.

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