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Please note: due to Covid-19 restrictions, I am currently teaching all classes and workshops online.

Group Classes: The group dynamic and regularity of weekly classes is appealing to many people. Although we practise with focus and in silence, there is a strong sense of communication in the room, which often leads to friendships being formed outside the studio.

I generally take a theme for a term or half-term and allow the practice to develop over the weeks. The practice is always informed by the philosophical teaching of yoga and has a definite ‘shape’ – the work with postures and breath put together specifically to explore the theme. The practice is a reflective experience as well as a physical and energetic one, and its effects can often allow for change in our daily lives.

The classes are open to everyone. When you enrol, you will need to fill in a Confidential Information Form with details of any health issues. I plan the classes to suit the needs of each individual in the group. There may be some instances where I’d recommend coming to individual sessions, either initially or on an ongoing basis.

Classes are 75 minutes long. We work with āsana (always with conscious use of the breath), prāṇāyāma and seated meditative practice. We sometimes also work with sound in the postures, and simple chant.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, and blocks, a cushion and/or meditation stool to sit on. The studio is fully equipped, but for health and safely reasons during the Covid19 situation, you MUST provide your own equipment. Some equipment is available for sale at the studio.

It is really important that you are truly comfortable when sitting in a yoga class. You need to sit with your spine free and unsupported where possible, so do allow yourself all the support you need. Chairs are provided for those who need them, and I’d beg with you to sit on a chair rather than being in agony on the floor!

  • Times and venue:
    9.30-10.45am online via Zoom; 
    Tuesday: online via Zoom. An invitation will be sent out in advance for Zoom classes. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.
  • Cost: Classes are €15 each. Payment is by the term or half-term either by bank transfer or else by PayPal via my email address. Please contact me and I will send my bank details. Concessions are available for people in financial difficulty. Do contact me and we can discuss alternatives. 

Group classes

Group classes

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