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I meet Eleanor regularly at the yoga retreats run by the Art of Yoga – Peter Hersnack association. At these retreats there is always a soirée festive. And every time it’s wonderful to hear Eleanor play the flute. My great pleasure is to listen to her improvising while I sing or recite a text. She is a magnificent improviser, very creative, always à-propos, very sensitive. Her interpretation is completely infused with her practice of yoga, which gives the music structure, space and a sweet tranquillity.

Christophe Gires
Singer and yoga practitioner

Eleanor is highly skilled in sound and chanting and her attention to detail in her sessions makes for a very special sensory experience. Her knowledge of the philosophy of yoga and music is extensive and she combines gentle, effective yoga movements with sound to ease the mind and release tension in the body. I have been attending Eleanor’s sound and movement sessions for about 10 years now and have benefitted from them in so many ways.

Dympna Walsh

Eleanor is more than a student of Peter [Hersnack]’s. She is a great ambassador for his teaching, which is why I encourage her to teach in Quebec. She has had to meditate on and practise the teaching again and again for her translation … She has his teaching under her skin …

Hélène Savoie Rivard

Magenta, Indigo, Terre Verte. Colour by colour, Sound by sound.
Eleanor and myself have been working together exploring the connections and relationships between sound and colour.
The silence of deep/dark Blues to the serenity of lighter tones. 
Finding F sharp & A major/minor in Red and Green.
It is an adventure to travel this path with Eleanor. Collaborating with someone who has such knowledge and experience of music and sound. INSPIRATIONAL

Kate MacDonagh

Eleanor’s dedication, curiosity, hard work and infectious enthusiasm make her an excellent and creative teacher of yoga. She is also kind, funny and thoughtful and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a teacher of yoga and of music!

Ranju Roy

Eleanor brings her singular warmth, creativity and scholarship to everything, especially music and yoga.

Hilary N

Inspiring, dynamic, creative… receptive and supportive, her warmth and sincerity mean it is always a pleasure to work with her. We have worked together on many occasions, and her magic touch means there is always something new and fresh in each project.

Lucie O’Hara
artist and musician

Eleanor is a very experienced and dedicated teacher with a deep knowledge and understanding of yoga philosophy and practice. She has a warm, calming and non-judgemental presence which puts people at ease thus creating essential conditions for learning and experiencing yoga. She unfailingly delivers excellence in teaching and providing course material for home practice. I leave Eleanor’s classes feeling better about myself and the world!

Anne Br

I have been doing yoga with Eleanor for a few years now.  She is a wonderful teacher.  She is very responsive to what each student needs and is able to vary the practice very sensitively, without losing any of the core intentions of the practice. Her classes give a well-grounded and very enjoyable experience. For me, attending her classes has been a great support and I would highly recommend them to anyone…

Catherine F

I was so fortunate to choose a week-long retreat facilitated by Eleanor. Her gentle way of sharing her knowledge was something that resonated particularly with me. Her use of sound and music in some of the practices was something I hadn’t expected and particularly enjoyed. I am fortunate in that I have been able to link in with her for occasional workshops. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Anne B

Eleanor Dawson has been my yoga teacher for several years. She brings a calm, yet playful quality to the classes, which are peppered with fascinating lore about the origins of yoga, and its philosophy. Her background as a musician means that chanting is often included, which is meditative and freeing. She is very aware of the individual needs of each student, adapting the routine to suit those with specific limitations.  I have found a deep sense of peace and clarity after her classes. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher.

Katie D
The exciting and lengthy collaborative project of working alongside Eleanor and the translation team in France on Peter’s book was a wonderful experience.
We shared our love of Peter and his work with much friendship and fun as well as deep commitment. It was a journey at many levels: a journey which continues. Eleanor’s determination and tenacity was inspirational.The outcome is a treasure
Sheila Baker

I went to Eleanor initially in 2014 … and have continued individual sessions with her ever since, usually on a monthly basis.
Eleanor tailors the session according to how my body is each time, adapting postures to stretch gently when necessary (for example when recovering from surgery) or to focus on strengthening and energising at other times. She listens carefully and patiently, and, with great attention to detail, develops an appropriate practice for me…
A deep focus on moving with the breath has brought a calming and grounded energy to the practice for me. I love Eleanor’s meditations and visualizations and have incorporated them into my practice. During this lockdown period, weekly Skype sessions with Eleanor, mostly based on meditations, have been essential in bringing down anxiety levels and helping me access my own inner resources.
An individual session with Eleanor … encourages you to bring what you have learned on a physical, energetic and emotional level in the sessions into your daily life.

Grainne M

Eleanor is an extraordinary yoga instructor. I have attended many different  classes with different teachers over the years but I have never met a teacher who is a true master  and who imparts so much to her students. She is totally committed to each of her students and to the difference yoga can make to their life. I highly recommend doing 1 to 1 private sessions with her. I recommend that everyone come and experience the space that she creates for her students to  begin or further their journey on the path of yoga where she weaves her vast knowledge with a grounded spirituality.

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