Through yoga and music we can learn to live, to listen, to communicate, to articulate from the essence of our being –
to live with a zest for life!

Rasa Yoga Sound

Hi, I’m Eleanor. I’m a musician and yoga teacher based in Ireland. Welcome to my site. You’ll find information about yoga philosophy, group yoga classes, one-to-one sessions and workshops & retreats.
You can also find links to listen to my ambient music here.

My love for yoga and music comes from their ability to help us connect deeply to ourselves. I had a rigorous classical training in both, with a lot of attention to detail and practice. I combine this with curiosity and a playful, creative approach to yoga teaching and working with sound.

The ripple effect

Yoga is an ancient spiritual teaching, but it resonates NOW. We are all more open to change and transformation, probably more so since collectively surviving a pandemic together. We are more open to listening, tuning in to oneness and shifts in our consciousness, for ourselves as well as the planet. Bringing yoga and soundscapes into our daily lives creates a ripple effect of resonance.



Creative Projects


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